The dance troupe joyfully performs for the public several times each year

Afterschool Dance Enrichment for Jordan Glen Students: 

TribalNature Dance

Thursdays at Jordan Glen School 3-5pm

Earth-centered dance that is communal, holistic, healing, and ecologically educational. TribalNature Dance teaches the students, as well as the audience; ways to maintain a respectful appreciation for nature and all relationships thus, leading to responsible stewardship, self development, and health.  Students will learn basic ecology, nature-centered songs, percussion, dances, folkloric storytelling, creative writing and about indigenous cultures.  Once each dance troupe member has mastered their dances they will be invited to perform in the community four times in the year and be considered “Earth Keepers.” An “Earth Keeper,” will be encouraged to spend time in nature, help their community, and educate others. 

This program is for serious and committed students only. All ages are welcome and all children will have an important part in our troupe.  Older students are taught how to gently guide and mentor our youngest members.  Many of our classes and performances will take place in a natural setting with a formal recital at the end of the year which will be videotaped. This is a seasonal class with themes of summer/fall, fall/winter, and spring/summer. There is a costume for each season that your child will keep, a TribalNature Dance t-shirt, a nature journal, a minimum of four performances, field trips, end of season parties, and after class snacks and dance training.  Cost of 125.00 is per season and must be paid before your child begins classes.

Seasonal fees are due no later than: 8/20/2014(summer/fall), 11/20/2014(fall/winter), 2/20/2015(winter/spring), and May is recital time so pay only costume fee of $20.00.

TRIBALNATURE DANCE: Additional Information

First class will be August 21st (Thursday 3-5).  We will be focusing on the ocean.  I will expect students to arrive on time and begin slowly warming up, to wear dance appropriate attire, and notify me via email if they will not be able to attend class as each child will be assigned a special role within first weeks of class.  I am strict in a loving way and will expect each child to be kind to one another and respectful or they will be asked to leave class and go to aftercare. Each student deeply matters to the troupe as a whole and we will want to know if they are ill or needing to take a day off.  I will need to know if there are any allergies to be aware of.  Our snacks will be organic, wholesome, and simple.

I have over 25 years of dance teaching and performance experience and have studied with healers, dancers, and environmentalists in and out of the country.  Yet, I learn new things everyday and am working towards a Masters in Eco-Psychology and am a member of Project Nature Connect which is endorsed by the UN.  It is my hope that we can use dance as the ancients did- as a tool for healing, growth, love, and as way to create planetary change. I do believe that children can transform our world and that it is our job to help them discover their highest potential.  I take my work with your child very seriously and would love collaborative work.  If you have something that you would like to share/teach our troupe that is ecologically educational you are more than welcome.  Please stay in touch via email, blog, and facebook when the school year begins (we will have our own page). 


For payment please mail check to: Michelle Harris, 20513 NW 78th Ave. Alachua, Fl. 32615 or you may leave dues in my cubby at Jordan Glen. Please include your full name, your child’s name, mailing address, email, emergency number(s), allergy or health info(if necessary), season you are registering for, your child’s t-shirt size, if I have your permission to use their photo(s) for blog, facebook, grant applications, and group promotion: and a short note if you are interested in volunteering with troupe.

I am very excited about teaching TribalNature dance and look forward to seeing you soon!


Michelle “Iya”

Iya's Spirit Dancers